teaching philosophy

Music provides a much needed escape from a hectic and often stressful world. Music is a fundamental need and provides a creative outlet for self-expression, creativity, and individuality.  I believe that music and music instruction should be accessible and affordable for all.  Music should be taught in an encouraging, stimulating, engaging environment that is both enjoyable and welcoming.

Music lessons offer the student an opportunity to learn how to play an instrument while contributing to their overall well-being and personal growth.  Taking part in music lessons and music related activities aids in other school subjects and in other areas of daily life.  By participating in regular music lessons, the student is able to build confidence, self-esteem while learning life skills such as cooperation, self-motivation, and discipline.

In order to achieve the highest level of enjoyment and success, each lesson will be tailored to the student’s specific needs.  The greatest emphasis will be placed on areas where the student is most interested in improving or needs the most attention in order to ensure success and progress. In a typical lesson, a student will learn basic music theory, practice techniques, and work towards improving tone quality, technique, and rhythm.  Aspects of learning to play an instrument such as these will be fulfilled through the use of scales, etudes, tone studies, and solo repertoire.  As an instructor, I will regularly encourage students to become involved with area flute clubs and flute related activities.  I will also strive to motivate students to perform informally for family and friends, participate in community bands, wind ensembles, and flute choirs, and also at local churches and venues as appropriate.  I will track each student’s individual progress by evaluating and documenting each lesson and will strongly encourage the student to actively participate in self-evaluations on a regular basis.

Teaching music in any form is always a rewarding experience for me.  I take great pride and pleasure when a student succeeds and achieves their personal goals.  Witnessing my former and current students’ success has been a life enriching experience and drives me to become a more effective and dynamic teacher and performer.